Ceramic Toilets


We have a great toilet deal on at the moment.

Contact us for more information or come and have a look at our Showroom in Malaga.

$400.00 each

– Ceramic

– Dual flush system

– Soft close


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Porcelain on Travertine Tiles

Monzag Construction is selling beautiful wall and floor tiles for only $20 per m2.

– 39 boxes (each box: 1.44m2) of 600 x 600 mm tiles: only 56m2 left.

– 37 boxes (each box: 1.44m2) of 600 x 300 mm tiles: only 53m2 left.

– 89 boxes (each box: 0.99m2) of 300 x 300 mm tiles: only 88m2 left.


beige tile 3x









Come and have a look at the tiles at our Malaga Showroom! The tiles are all ready for pick up NOW.
Hurry, this great deal for only $20 per m2 won’t last long.

We are looking forward to see you here!

Call us on: 08 9209 2245 or leave us an email at for any inquiries.

Pre-order BATHTUB deal


It is time to RELAX.

Monzag Construction takes now pre-orders for freestanding STONE bathtubs.

Each freestanding bathtub is only $ 1,950.00 with pre-order.

All we need is 50% deposit and the outstanding amount at delivery.


Get in touch with us to find out more about this amazing deal.

Dimensions and detailed photos upon request.

Monzag Construction

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Massive SALE










– Bathroom: vanities, mirrors, toilets, side cabinets and taps

– Kitchen: taps, bench tops

– Laundry: vanities


Come and have a look at our wide range of products at Monzag Construction‘s Showroom in Malaga.


Vanities from $300.00

Stone basins from $250.00

Shower screens (wall-to-wall): $395.00



Last stone bath tubs to go, ONLY $1,950!

Last stone bath tubs to go, ONLY $1,950!

Come and check them out, might just find that perfect bath tub you’ve been looking for!



8603 matte


8608 matte


8612 matte


8619 glossy


8628 glossy


8603 stone colour


8608 stone colour

BS-8619 Stone Colour

8619 stone colour

BS-8633A (1024x683)

8633a matte


8612 glossy