Porcelain on Travertine Tiles

Monzag Construction is selling beautiful wall and floor tiles for only $20 per m2.

– 39 boxes (each box: 1.44m2) of 600 x 600 mm tiles: only 56m2 left.

– 37 boxes (each box: 1.44m2) of 600 x 300 mm tiles: only 53m2 left.

– 89 boxes (each box: 0.99m2) of 300 x 300 mm tiles: only 88m2 left.


beige tile 3x









Come and have a look at the tiles at our Malaga Showroom! The tiles are all ready for pick up NOW.
Hurry, this great deal for only $20 per m2 won’t last long.

We are looking forward to see you here!

Call us on: 08 9209 2245 or leave us an email at hello@monzag.com.au for any inquiries.

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